Our Services

We provide a wide array of insurance services, support and advice including the following:

  • Risk management
  • Professional advice
  • Contract reviews
  • Injury management
  • Insurance placements


Claims Management

The true test of an insurance policy is when it comes time to make a claim. We are proud to provide our clients with a genuine 24/7, 365 days a year claims service. In the unfortunate event of an insurance loss our claims manager will personally:

  • Attend your site if necessary
  • Assist you with obtaining repair/replacement quotations as necessary, to provide you with a fast settlement
  • Appoint one of our approved loss adjusters, restoration companies and/or builders
  • Submit your claim on your behalf and follow up to ensure prompt acceptance and finalisation
  • Act as your advocate when it comes time to negotiate the very best settlement that the terms and conditions of your policy will provide


Premium Funding

We can offer you the option to pay your insurance premiums by the month. Instalment plans can be tailored to suit your business’s cash flow requirements over 9, 10, 11 or 12-monthly instalments.

We have partnered with Attvest Finance and IQumulate to assist you with your funding requirements. The benefits of premium funding are:

  • Conserving your cash flow
  • No ongoing additional costs
  • Gaining tax advantages
  • Fixed rate contract
  • Obtaining an additional line of credit leaving your cash and current overdraft facilities for use in your business
  • Keeping your money in your business, which can allow you to take advantage of potential early payment discounts