Specialist Industries


Each construction project is unique and requires a policy tailored to the specific contract. Our construction team is experienced in a broad spectrum of projects from home extensions to work on major mining sites. We have specialist and exclusive markets no matter how unusual your project may be. Some of our policy extensions and customisations include:

Civil Construction and Engineering

We have extensive experience in and knowledge of the civil construction industry and how civil contractors work in an environment of ever increasing legal and contractual complexity.

In addition to attending to the basic ongoing insurance requirements of civil contractors, we can assist with:

  • Understanding the specific insurance and extensions required for contractors within the civil construction and mining industries
  • Review of the insurance and indemnity requirements of contracts. We have a sound understanding of AS2124 & AS4000.
  • Timely supply of certificates of insurance to allow prompt access to construction and mine sites and handover of financed equipment
  • Handling the difficulties of claims involving transporting and repairing equipment in remote areas
  • Negotiating difficult third-party claims
  • Implementing Risk Management and Risk Reduction techniques